A walk with Rubens in Antwerp

Een onvergetelijke stadswandeling doorheen het 17e-eeuwse Antwerpen met de beroemde schilder Peter Paul Rubens in hoogsteigen persoon.

‘This guided historic tour will bring you back to the 17th century.’

A walk with Rubens

An unforgettable walk through Antwerp with Peter Paul Rubens in person

Peter Paul Rubens died on May 30th 1640. Rubens was probably the greatest painter Antwerp has ever known. He was an extraordinary artist but also a superstar, a man of the world, a top entrepreneur, a diplomat, a spy and above all an Antwerp citizen.

Four centuries later, Rubens inexplicably rose from the dead and takes you on a walk through the Antwerp of his time, the aftermath of the Antwerp golden age.

Rubens will show you some of the most important places in his life. He takes you to his own Rubenshouse where he worked and lived with his two wives. Even the Queen of France personally visited this place. He will take you to the house 'De Cleynen Sint-Arnold'. This is his mother's house where Rubens spent his teenage years. He will show you his impressive grave in Saint Jacob's Church. He walks to the old Papenschool where he learned Latin and he will take you to the Cathedral of Our Lady where you can admire some of his most important paintings. Before you realize it, you will be back in the 17th century

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens (1577) was a painter, draftsman and diplomat. He was born in Siegen (Germany) and lived in Antwerp most of his life where he trained as a painter with three different Antwerp masters. He became famous as a court painter of the duke of Mantua and the archdukes Albrecht and Isabella. From his studio in Antwerp he made paintings for all major churches and the important monarchs of his time. The queen of France, the king of England and the king of Spain, they all wanted works by Rubens. Peter Paul Rubens married twice. His first wife was Isabella Brant who died from the plague. After her death he married the beautiful Helena Fourment, who was 37 years younger. On May 30th 1640, Peter Paul Rubens died of gout. They say that he would have died during the act of love because his youngest daughter Constanza was born exactly 9 months after his death.

'Peter Paul Rubens wordt tot leven gebracht door de Antwerpse acteur Geert Beullens.'

Geert Beullens

Peter Paul Rubens is enacted by Antwerp actor Geert Beullens. He lived in Antwerp for almost his entire life, where he studied Dutch literature and philosophy. As an actor, he likes to play the role of historical characters and bring them back to life. In his childhood Peter Paul Rubens was everywhere. The name 'PP Rubens' appeared in large white letters on a huge biography in the parental bookcase and a visit to the Rubens House with the school was a regular occurrence. It is therefore a great honour that he can now show people his beloved Antwerp as Rubens.

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Rubens is Back - Tour
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All tours start at the Rubenshuis (Wapper 9-11, 2000 Antwerpen)

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Rubens spreekt de volgende talen: Nederlands, Frans, Engels, Spaans (met vertaler)  

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September 2023

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We are with a smaller group. Can we also go out with Rubens?

Uiteraard kan u dat. Rubens doet al rondleidingen vanaf 1 persoon. Je betaalt dan wel het basisbedrag van 6 personen. 

Is a walk with Rubens wheelchair-friendly?

Yes of course. Although there were no wheelchairs in the 17th century, Rubens ensures that wheelchair users can also get through his city safely and without any problems.

Does Rubens also takes a walk when it rains?

Ja!  Rubens kan goed tegen de regen. Elke wandeling gaat steeds door zoals vastgelegd,  tenzij bij zware storm.

Zijn er nog extra kosten?

Tijdens de tour bezoeken we meestal ook de OLV-kathedraal. Daarvoor wordt een extra toegangsprijs gerekend. Voor bewoners uit de provincie Antwerpen is  een bezoek aan de kathedraal gratis.  Voor andere bezoekers wordt er een extra bedrag van 10 euro aangerekend.

What language does Rubens speak on his walk?

The individual tours are in Dutch, English or French. Rubens is a man of the world so depending on the composition of the group he will change his language. For the group tours you can of course ask in advance which language you want. If necessary we can also provide a Spanish interpreter.